Adam Din

Year 2 MArch

The Fens Bronze Age Museum

Re - Discovering A Bronze Age Paleolandscape
The Fens, UK

The Fens Bronze Age Museum responds to the archaeological, palaeoenvironmental, and cultural relevance of peatlands. Working amongst the peat deposits and the variety of cultural importance connected to them, the project addresses the issue of nutrient-rich peatlands being drained for agriculture. This has led to peatland shrinkage, lowering the landscape level and releasing stored carbon into the atmosphere. The project aims to restore shrunken peatlands in the Fens while preserving and providing protection to the historic and archaeological sites situated in them.

Through the lens of the carbon cycle and peatlands' role in absorbing atmospheric carbon, initial investigations used simulation to analyse how carbon sequestration can be enhanced through landforms and peatland territories. Insights from this study informed the site's proposed landscape, focusing on key environmental parameters such as moisture, xxx & xxx, crucial to peat protection and regeneration.
Responding to archaeological discoveries on the site, the architectural proposal includes building protective enclosures for areas of archaeological sensitivity. These enclosures shield the sites from environmental degradation during excavation, while allowing visitors to explore and view areas of interest without disturbing the sensitive ground conditions.

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