Arvindaa Balamurugan

Year 1 MArch

All Season Harvest Hub

Modular vertical farming infrastructure
Iden, Rye, UK

The site of Dungeness is at risk to flooding due to rising sea levels. the projections show land areas located close to coastal area and water bodies are subjected to flood completely by 2050. Among the land use around Kent and east Sussex a major area is used towards agriculture, farming, food production. The economy of local population is majorly influenced by farming and food production industry. This project aims to develop architectural intervention based on this new situation sup­porting the local economy to continue among the new situations and open to new markets in food production business project proposes a new factory house that brings together different farmers, investors, technologists to create community-based operation towards food production. creating a co-owned community towards new opportunities.The all-season harvest hub is co-owned com­munity farming factory house that utilizes advantage of sites new potential and advancement in agriculture technology. The project aims to address the problem and strategy at infrastructure level in order to achieve a new local sustainable economy, community building, and a new sustainable industry help UK to achieve goals of The new green deal.

Reimagining Vertical Farming infrastructure: A vertical farming infrastructure is usually built using a large team of architects and contractors, this would rise the cost in overall project making the infrastructure unaffordable to everyone. The main aim of project is to device systems that reduces the gap between the infrastructure and a farmer should offer flexibility and simplicity, reducing a large team, high labour costs making a structure that can be assembled by anyone with commonly available materials and local labour despite their location.

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