Carl Fletcher

Year 2 MArch

A Microbial Intervention

Subtitle : Landfill Methane Capture and Repurposing

Mucking Landfill Site, Thurrock, UK

The hazardous gases emitted during the decomposition of waste in landfills pose a significant threat to our environment. The primary gases released are methane and carbon dioxide, which are potent greenhouse gases. This intervention aims to address the environmental impact caused by the Mucking Landfill, a massive decommissioned site that has been releasing over 6500 tonnes of methane annually. Over its 50 years of service to the London Boroughs, the landfill has accumulated 21 million tonnes of garbage.

The main objective of this proposed project is to capture and repurpose the biogas emissions from the landfill, thereby mitigating their harmful effects while also contributing to the local economy in Thurrock. The project aims to achieve this by harnessing the power of a coculture of methane and CO2-consuming microorganisms, which will convert these greenhouse gases into valuable products. This innovative approach is well-suited to address the environmental challenges posed by the site and requires minimal energy consumption.

In addition to the gas conversion process, the project envisions the establishment of a microbial research facility. This facility will serve as a central hub for studying and implementing novel applications of microorganisms across various industries. By exploring new ways to leverage these microscopic organisms, the project aims to catalyze advancements in sustainable practices and contribute to the overall development of industry and technology.

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