Daria-Suzanne Donovetsky

Year 2 MArch

Liquid Landscapes

Adaptive Water Management Proposal

Lydd-on-Sea, UK

The Air, the Landscape and the System
Based on the Areas of Water Stress Classification done by the Environmental Agency Southern Water is classified as a company operating in regions of serious water stress, scoring 41 (serious stress has a score of 34 or over). I therefore identified three main interest areas: 1) Atmospheric Capture (Operation Jupiter), 2) System/Lake Area (Operation Neptune), 3) Flood Capture(Operation Venus).

Operation Neptune proposes a new water management typology that creates a performative landscape system of distributing and capturing water from multiple sources (condensation, rain, surface water and flood). The public water performative landscape is part of a larger infrastructure that spans across the coast of Dungeness and acts as a central piece that connects air capturing devices placed in the more humid and windy part of the coast, while the lake accumulates the flood occurring in the risk areas.

The project is designed as a prototype, a ‘proving ground’ for the declining water security due to climatic anomalies, especially in an already water-stressed area of England (Kent). To tackle that, water management companies propose reducing leakage, building resilience through water catchment as well as a decrease per capita consumption.

An Infrastructural Park
My proposal is focusing on catchment variety through air and land (condensation, rain and flood) and public engagement and education by creating a public mixed use infrastructural park.

The local water supplier, Affinity Water released in their 2020-2080 Water Resources Management Plant, that the per capita consumption has to decrease by 2025 with 30L/h/day(from 152L/h/day to 129L/h/day).

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