Diana Fox

Year 2 MArch


Nurturing Nature’s Defences
The Wash, UK

FenLee: Nurturing Nature’s Defences is a dynamic initiative designed to create barrier islands in The Wash, Fenlands, to combat coastal erosion and flooding. This project utilises Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations and comprehensive geospatial data analysis to strategically deploy structures that harness natural tidal forces and prevailing winds. This approach promotes sediment accumulation, laying the groundwork for robust tidal defences that are as natural as they are effective.

This project critiques hard coastal engineering approaches, opting instead to prototype nature-based solutions to protect and revitalise coastal landscapes. It offers a blueprint for future environmental conservation efforts in areas at risk from climate-induced coastal erosion.

Extensive simulations of water and sedimentation were conducted to understand the complex movements and interplay between tides, currents and geomorphology. These simulations appraised seeding geometry, starting conditions, and key dynamic factors leading to a stable and architecturally programmable landform. The project uses detailed mapping of topography, bathymetric, environmental, and coastal data to align each phase with specific environmental conditions to enhance coastal resilience.

Once established, computationally driven planting strategies will use native vegetation to stabilise these new landforms, enhance ecological resilience, and create valuable habitats for local wildlife. This approach marries ecological integrity with structural innovation, enriching the area with opportunities for eco-tourism, education, and conservation. Lightweight pavilions atop these landforms will provide visitor experiences and further stabilise the engineered landscape.

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