Gary Chan

Year 2 MArch

GND Board Game

Retrofitting Town Hall
Rye, UK

Green New Deal Board game: The game is designed and informed by the Green New Deal and Climate change. The aim for this game is to educate people the current situation in Dungeness as well as to explore and simulate the complex relationship between different stakeholders when putting Green new deal in practice. The game will be operating through a money and ownership battle to simulate the economy. Cli­mate change will be represented through flooding, biodiversity collapse and Economic crisis. They will be measure and score through a token system to determine the economic and pollutant level. By working privately and collectively, how can we put Green New Deal in practice with the climatic challenge we are facing today?

GND Board game take Dungeness current situation of land use and ownership as the base and examine the impact that sharing ownership and democratic governance have on climate change. It is also educating the players the aim and purpose of GND as well as simulating the piratical aspect when applying GND into society.

Retrofitting Town Hall: The proposal is derived from the GND Board game which explores the use of games as publicly engaging decision-making tools for future community planning and architecture. Applying this thinking to an architectural programme to re imagine the existing building typologies that govern the community decision-making process. Allow them to become more publicly engaged, involving the public in government decision making. This proposal is a prototype of this thinking, a building and public space which is adaptable, customizable, driven by democratic public decision and reor­ganising itself base on the community’s changing needs.

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