Georgios Malliaropoulos

Year 2 MArch

Heat Exchange and Thermal Theatre

Dores, Scotland, UK

The Loch Ness Heat Exchange and Thermal Theatre project focuses on Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) tests and geometrical adaptability to visualise and adapt to excess heat while considering climatic conditions. By investigating the heat movement in the North Sea and the radiation inputs from the sun that affect areas with excess heat, the project aims to respond to these areas by creating structures that are responsive to weather conditions and capable of protecting the natural reserves of Dores and the native woodland.

Situated in the heart of Dores, a small town on the shores of Loch Ness, the theatre serves as a podium for an act that transcends anthropocentric perspectives. Its roof, designed to respond to heat, contains a controlled amount of wax that is continuously heated by solar radiation and rising temperatures in the area. As a result, the wax gradually transitions from a solid to a liquid state, eventually melting on the stage. This unique transformation positions the material as the main actor in a play directed by the emerging thermal domains and the impact of climate change on the site, the county, and the world.

The theatre's purpose is to visualise and convey the effects of excess heat in an artistic manner while raising awareness about the threats faced by Dores' natural reserves. By embracing the transformative properties of wax as a metaphorical representation of climate change, the project seeks to engage the audience and provoke a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges we face.

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