Guy Sinclair

Year 2 MArch

Thermal Commons

Newham, London
Work in progress - Jan 2023

This winter's spiking domestic energy prices, pegged to natural gas, have caused a crisis wherein many are seeking thermal refuge in Warm Havens, designated public buildings offering free warmth at a time when many are forced to choose between ‘heating and eating’. Equally during the summer of 2022, record breaking high temperatures lead to the creation of a register of London cool spaces. In a time of increasing temperature anomalies and energy market volatility stemming from the climate crisis, how can our architectural environment seek to mediate thermal conditions in a way that subverts private energy monopolies and continuing fossil fuel extraction? Thermal Commons acts within the acute situation of fuel poverty in the London Borough of Newham, one of the worst affected regions in the UK, to create a publicly accessible set of spaces that deliver abundant thermal comforts and offer refuge from the physiological ill-effects of living in fuel poverty.

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