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[50.0°to 61.0° N : United Kingdom] : Carbon Transitions- 2020/21
John Cook, Ben Pollock + Laura Nica

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Katarzyna Maskowicz

Carbon-sonic Sanctuary

The Trinkie, Wick, Scotland

The project is based on 3 main interests:
-Sound mitigation from wind farms
-Recycling wind turbine blades
-Community well-being

The proposal is on the shore of the North Sea. It is based in Wick which is a town in the north of Scotland bordering the Moray Firth and straddling the River Wick. The projects intention is to find a system to re-use wind turbines blades to close their life cycle, as they otherwise end up in landfill and reduce the environmental benefits of wind energy.

In addition, in anticipation of the wind farming industry continuing to expand to meet clean energy demands and ultimately a net zero carbon future a structure has been designed to mitigate the sound emitted of new wind farms which will begin to encroach on the populated areas. The sound barrier design will be recommended to be mimicked in other localities where new wind farm proposals will be built. It creates a new system through architecture of sound reduction.

The sound spa and well-being center is a place for mental well-being and building positive community relationships. It acts as a compensation to the community for its support of clean energy and contributing to a zero carbon future, and furthermore will be an incentive for future localities to welcome wind farms into their towns.