Kirsten Davis

Year 2 MArch

Transcribing the Thermal Flows of the Jet Stream

Work in progress - Jan 2023

Arctic amplification has been linked to the weakening and fragmentation of the polar jet stream, resulting in more frequent stationary high-pressure weather systems associated with heatwaves, drought and frost. Their impact on UK infrastructure raises social and economic issues. In light of this, the development of forecasting tools is critical, alongside strategies for adaptation to more turbulent weather patterns.

The project explores how we can tangibly communicate both long term patterns of climate, and the potential impact of impending global warming on the effects of more localised, short-term weather systems. Set in the remote islands of the Outer Hebrides, where the lifestyle of inhabitants is uniquely governed by the weather, an architectural intervention will provide a facility for research, climate forecasting and political stratification.

Instagram: @kirsten__archi
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