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[50.0°to 61.0° N : United Kingdom] : Carbon Transitions- 2020/21
John Cook, Ben Pollock + Laura Nica

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Muhtasim Mojnu

Landscape Conduits

Carbon Sequestering Systems Through Flood Plains

Caen Hill Locks, Devizes, UK

The proposal works with fluxes and flows. It introduces a beta intervention linked to an existing canal as a source of power. This will be used to help prove how affective this model is for green urban planning and a showcase for climate adaptation technology, which can then lead on to a national scale. The site Caen Hill Locks invites an opportunity for UK’s flood defences and a chance to introduce a new habitat with surface water conditions. Canals are re-purposed as they double as storm drains leading excess storm water in to the rivers/harbours.

The proposal has three phases:
Phase 1- Non-disaster Mode: Carbon levels are tested in soil and air. Towers to operate and generate energy and regulate flood plains for new habitats to survive.
Phase 2 - Disaster Mode: Canal acts as storm drain navigating excess water to proposed locks. Towers generate energy from force of water, flood plains absorb excess water, carbon cycle phenomenon occurs in background.
Phase 3 - Post Disaster Mode: Carbon levels are tested in soil and air and compared to early data. Evidence will be gathered to prove beta test is successful.