Muhtasim Mojnu

Year 2 MArch

Wind Community Hub 

Oscillating Turbine

Dungeness, UK

The decommissioning of Dungeness B has led the people of Dungeness in despair, there has been a reduction of workforce. No jobs available within the area and the local economy has dropped. Although Kent council have insisted a bright future for the people of Dungeness, but the endless delays of acting upon their word, now seem like empty promises. Protests is the only option, to take stand and make their voices heard.

Green New Deal (GND) approached the community of Dungeness with a unique opportunity and introduced the low-tech Oscillating Turbine to fill in the power void; the energy produced would be for the local community. Moreover, approximately 50 existing homes are within close proximity of the sea and are at risk of flooding. Home own­ers of Dungeness work with GND’s proposal for a new co-living environment, where materials from existing homes are used as part of its construction.

It is a productive wind community that aims to reduce or remove the need for an extensive supply chain. The council in Kent presents 2014 statistics of energy consumption, in which the district Dungeness has a low consumption rate of 2024 GWh when compared to other districts. The wind community will aim to ensure access and reduce consumption of this figure, as well as support its needs.

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