Air, Architecture + Other Climates

[57.0°to 71.0° N : Norway] - 2019/20
John Cook, Ben Pollock + Laura Nica

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Nikhil Berwal

Reindeers, Sami People and Mines

Troms og Finnmark, Norway

Sami, the indigenous Reindeer herders of Europe who have been herding in the Arctic for more than a 1000 years are facing a new challenge in their home. The increasing pollution has made it possible for industries to set up in the Arctic and exploit its resources. This exploitation has increased dramatically in past few decades and has endangered Reindeer herding community. The research focuses on analysing data of Reindeer Migration, Urban Infrastructure, Industrial Infrastructure and mapping them to find the areas with minimal intervention and have best grazing grounds. These grounds would then serve as Summer Grazing areas for Reindeers and become Winter Grazing Grounds with respect to the changing climate in the Arctic. These grounds would consist of Entry Areas with Debate Chamber and Observation posts that would determine how the grounds would be managed.

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