Ollie Astley

Year 2 MArch

The Gardens Of Resistance

Seed Storm

"The Gardens of Resistance" aims to transform an abandoned quarry in the Fenlands into a thriving wetlands garden. Focusing on ecological restoration and biodiversity, the project promotes regenerative landscape practices and the reseeding of Indigenous at-risk plant species.

At the territorial scale, mapping provided insights into soil textures, moisture, and pH levels. This data was used to identify areas of potential intervention given ecological and climate conditions most depleted while able to best support the seeding of native and threatened species.

At the meso and micro scales, simulations developed understanding and models of seed dispersal, germination cycles, and survival. Environmental conditions such as wind patterns, biological variations, and water flow were modelled to optimise the natural distribution of native plants. By simulating various wind scenarios and water buoyancy levels, strategies were developed to align with local seasons, topography and water courses for effective seed dispersal and germination.

The architectural proposal supports this reseeding operation with functional spaces for plant growth, seed dispersal, and storage. These spaces also serve as hubs for public engagement, promoting awareness and stewardship of wetland conservation. The campus features microclimate gardens and 3D-printed clay and earth enclosures built with material on-site and designed for eventual decomposition, allowing them to reintegrate into the reclaimed quarry site.

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