Ross Wilson

Year 1 MArch

The Climate Consortium

A centre for coastal management and sustainable energy research using the sea as a thermal and mechanical energy source.

Birnbeck Pier, Weston-super-Mare

The Climate Consortium is a coastal project which aims to advance research and understanding of climate change, renewable energy, and weather patterns. It brings together multidisciplinary experts, institutions, and stakeholders to collaborate on a comprehensive study of the coastal environment and its implications for sustainable development.

The project is sited on a dilapidated pier in the Bristol Channel on the shorelines of Weston-super-Mare and looks to revive what remains of Birnbeck Island, carefully preserving the site’s heritage and reusing the existing structure as a basis for modern expansion.

The project is sustained by innovative new technologies to harness energy from the sea through a kinetic structure beneath the main pier and trapped seawater creating a thermal store for a passive heating and cooling system. The new additions to the pier capture and store rainwater to aid with research studies as well as providing water for the project’s outdoor green spaces. Community engagement is at the heart of this project hence the separation between public and private space to allow for an effective research and leisure environment.

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