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[57.0°to 71.0° N : Norway] - 2019/20
John Cook, Ben Pollock + Laura Nica

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Sara Kosanovic

The Nordkapp Dust Research Station

Nordkapp, Norway

As the global climate progressively becomes warmer and the rate of desertification increases due to higher temperatures and reduced rainfall, the frequency and density of dust storms in the near future are likely to increase.

Initiated in the present day but built to ‘serve’ the future, The Nordkapp Dust Research Station predicts the highly possible prospect of increased dust storms from the Saharan Desert reaching Europe and the Arctic Circle. The proposal responds to these predicted changes and aims to provide a refuge and sheltered space for research, observation and scientific solutions.

Situated in the northernmost city in Norway, Nordkapp, the proposal provides a base for the world meteorological institution who will utilise the weather observation facility to monitor and predict dust storms in the Arctic region and local area via a network of connected secondary stations positioned to statically pull dust towards the main tower.

Through computational experiments with magnetic forces, the form was generated to respond to local wind data and be the optimum shape for efficient collection. The dust collected from the atmosphere via magnetised external pivoting fins will provide ‘nutrients’ for an experimental flora masterplan using an integrated collection network within the proposals architecture.

The collected dust will also enable the evolution of the dust storm shelter(s) at the base of the proposal, which, over time, will take advantage of the natural resource in the atmosphere and grow its external form as conditions worsen. The proposal aims to provide the Arctic regions with a means to survive and rebuild in a period that would deem the planet uninhabitable.

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