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[50.0°to 61.0° N : United Kingdom] : Carbon Transitions- 2020/21
John Cook, Ben Pollock + Laura Nica

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Seungmin Lee

Paper Rejuvenation Centre : Soil Remediation Scheme

Keighley, West Yorkshire, UK

Nearly half of UK adults have been receiving more parcels deliveries since Covid-19 lockdown. Followed by this circumstance, carbon footprint of e-commerce platform is rapidly increasing and causing global acid deposition. Can cardboard waste be transformed as a carbon sequestration methodology of soil remediation? Paper mill sludge, a bi-product of paper making process, can not only increase soil pH substantially but also can be significant sources of essential plant nutrients. The project aims to propose an up-cycling infrastructure which can respond to the climate change and current global situation. The main intervention of architecture is to increase an awareness of cardboard waste by addictive online shopping and suggest a new way for the carbon sequestration. The goal will be achieved through recycling/up-cycling process of cardboard waste and wide educational/research soil remediation centre with paper mill sludge.

The scheme proposes ecological transformation of the site over the time. Remediation follies will be installed and dismantled according to the soil condition, but landscape made by sludge will be remained as an artifact. Thanks to the nature of materiality, the centre can be easily expanded and will be degrade after the completion of soil remediation and blend into nature with man-made landscape.