Tiffany Yao

Year 1 MArch

Marine Diatom Biotic Rig Centre

Hewett Field , North Sea,UK

Work in progress - Jan 2023

This project is based on annual increases in marine temperature, acidity, and climate change. Plankton have the ability to create oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which helps to moderate the ocean's harsh temperature. In addition, given that the UK North Sea is filled with a large number of abandoned oil rigs, the notion of utilising these drilling spaces to establish a comprehensive plankton activity research centre, Diatoms produce oxygen while converting carbon dioxide into organic carbon during photosynthesis. They create 40% of the organic carbon that enters the world's waters each year. This project centre, which is only open during certain times of the year, offers a diatom farm research factory as well as a marketplace for organic products and educational tours.

Web link:Instagram YAOZIXIN0914

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