Tiffany Yao

Year 2 MArch

The Monitoring Architectural Land Transformation (MALT) Centre

Fens, UK

The MALT Centre represents a pioneering initiative at the intersection of architecture, environmental science, and heritage preservation. It is dedicated to monitoring and analyzing architectural land transformation processes, focusing on mitigating the impact of subsidence and environmental changes on heritage structures.

At the heart of the MALT Centre’s mission is a commitment to understanding and documenting the dynamic relationship between architectural heritage and the natural environment, especially in regions prone to subsidence and geological instability. The Centre serves as a hub for research, education, and community engagement, bringing together experts from diverse fields to address challenges related to land transformation and heritage conservation. By leveraging state-of-the-art monitoring systems, geospatial analysis techniques, and historical data, the Centre seeks to develop innovative solutions for preserving heritage structures against environmental threats.

In locations like Haverholme Priory in Lincolnshire, UK, the Fenland region poses significant concerns for preserving cultural property due to its susceptibility to environmental changes and subsidence. This study investigates the area’s subsidence patterns, collaborating with environmental agencies, local governments, and historic organizations to pinpoint vulnerable areas and understand the fundamental causes of subsidence.

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