Vanessa Keung

Year 1 MArch


Heat Islands

Colchester, UK

In response to the urgent need to address the Urban Heat Island effect and Colchester's commitment to combat the climate emergency, "SeriVision" embodies a vision of sustainable urban development that integrates design, nature, and community. This project aims to create a climate-resilient future for the city.

Colchester faces a significant challenge with its scarcity of natural shade, as it receives more than 16 hours of sunlight on 80% of its surface during summer. To address this, "SeriVision" boldly incorporates passive shading devices called "SeriShades" and strategic tree planting to promote walkability and mitigate extreme heat.

The focal point of the project is the "SeriGrove," situated next to the town train station. Positioned strategically along the pathway connecting the train station and the high street, the SeriShades symbolize Colchester's commitment to sustainable urban living and align with the city council and Department of Transport's "fixing the link" project. This integrated complex features a community cafe, a silkworm workshop, and a mulberry tree greenhouse, showcasing a sustainable coexistence. Silk is utilized in the initiative, representing a harmonious collaboration with nature and environmentally sustainable production processes.

The "SeriGrove" operates as a self-sustaining loop. The community cafe thrives on the mulberry trees' produce, while the leaves nourish the silkworms in the workshop, providing silk for the easily replaceable components of SeriShades. Visitors can actively participate by feeding the silkworms or enjoying mulberry delicacies at the cafe.

Furthermore, "SeriVision" invites the community to engage in climate-related dialogues through regular events in the central garden area, such as discussion panels and progress tracking meetings. This project not only transforms the city physically but also fosters a cultural shift towards climate consciousness. By integrating design, nature, and community, "SeriVision" strives to create a sustainable and resilient future for Colchester.

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