Yue Xi

Year 2 MArch

Energy Density Dynamic

A Solar Agrivoltaic Village

Chidham, UK

The Chidham Solar Voltaic Village is an architectural project inspired by research on the UK's annual energy consumption. It challenges the traditional centralised gas-generated electricity model by advocating for decentralised power generation at the household level. This project aims to address rising living costs and the energy crisis by promoting the idea that every household should have the ability to generate its own renewable energy, particularly through solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

The village goes beyond conventional approaches to solar energy by incorporating existing Agrivoltaic technology, which allows for dual land use efficiency. Solar technology is not simply treated as an add-on but is integrated into the architectural programs of the village, creating a dynamic solar energy web. This innovative approach redefines the relationship between architecture and energy generation.

By embracing solar power and maximizing its potential, the Chidham Solar Voltaic Village strives to contribute to a more sustainable future. It envisions a community where each household actively participates in generating clean energy, reducing dependence on centralized sources and promoting self-sufficiency. This project seeks to revolutionize the dynamics of solar energy and inspire other communities to adopt decentralized renewable energy generation as a means of achieving a more sustainable and resilient future.

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