Yuechuan Xi

Year 1 MArch

Dungeness Road Service Station

Wind turbine upcycle scheme
Dungeness, UK

The initial program is an Ev charging station that also provides other services such as gathering space and a hostel for visitors such as; car enthusiasts looking for a unique view for social media, RSPB natural reserve visitors, and those who are looking for an escape.

The building system is made of three parts:

the energy spine, base module, and upcycled turbine blade architecture. The energy spine is the main module with a 55kw vertical wind turbine on the top and two rail sockets at the bottom for the base module to attach. The base module is a flexible building foundation equipped with a flood resistance system and upcycled turbine blade structure fixed onto the pre-drilled surface of the base module.

Wind turbine blades from the Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm in Romney Marsh and steel structures from Dungeness B turbine hall as the primary building material, Upcycled at the designated trim-ming and sorting facility and assembled at the nearby site. Due to this unique building method and with a vision for future sustainability, this project is also a showcase to display the potential of upcycled wind turbine blades as a building material.

In order to respond to those aspects under climate change and the implementation of the Green New Deal, a type of decentralized renewable and energy sufficient community scheme is possible to help with a better smoother transition during the nuclear decommissioning process while provid-ing service for local attractions and activities. Therefore the idea expends as the energy transition scheme shares a lot in common with the plans that we reach net 0.ever-growing wind turbines and its improving technology.

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